We strive for simplicity in our product, and the same is true for our pricing based on your size and needs. Pricing can often be the elephant in the room, but our goal is to be as clear and transparent as possible with our customers.

OneSignal will continue to offer a robust Free Plan with the core functionality of our platform to enable bloggers, startups, tinkerers and very small companies looking to test out the OneSignal platform. Free Plan users will be able to message up to 10,000 push notification subscribers and utilize 6 Segments and 10 Data Tags. They will have unlimited mobile subscribers and will be able to have one active In-App Message with unlimited impressions.

Beginning on November 16, 2020, OneSignal will offer three paid plans in addition to our free offering: Growth, Professional & Enterprise.

OneSignal’s pricing starts with a platform fee and the variable is based on the number of subscribed devices that can receive messages. Subscribers are devices that are opted-in to receive push notifications or messages, email addresses, and phone numbers (if you choose to use OneSignal for SMS or Email). In-App Messaging is the sole exception, and it’s charged at a cost per 1,000 impressions.

The new Growth Plan starts at $9 per month. This plan is for businesses with smaller subscriber counts that need the power of segments, automation, and analytics. The plan is $9 per month with subscribers billed monthly at $3 per 1,000 subscribers. With the Growth Plan, you’ll get access to the core messaging features like automation and segmentation, A/B testing, analytics, and high-speed message delivery, plus more advanced access such as list uploads, receive receipts, data protection agreement, and more. The Growth Plan must be purchased with a credit card (or PayPal) and is billed monthly, so there is no long-term commitment.

The Professional Plan starts at $99 per month. This plan is for businesses needing more advanced automation, personalization, and support. The plan is $99 per month and subscribers are billed monthly at $3 per 1,000 subscribers. With the Pro Plan, you’ll get access to all of the Growth features plus more automation, personalization, advanced analytics, custom event tracking, and 24/7 prioritized support. The Professional plan can be purchased on a credit card with a month-to-month term, or for users with audiences above 200,000 subscribers looking for volume-based pricing and premium support options, the Professional plan can be purchased on an annual basis by contacting sales.

The Professional Plan is ideal for companies that are gaining traction with a growing number of subscribers and want to lock in favorable pricing but don’t yet need the customization of the Enterprise Plan.

The Enterprise Plan is an annual commitment that includes all the features of the Growth and Pro plans as well as additional account management and customization support (e.g. custom contract, SLA, and personalized support) that is not available on the other plans. This plan is for companies that want to take advantage of volume-based pricing for large subscriber counts, or that are looking for customization and personalized support for their digital messaging. Enterprise customers also have the option to purchase enhanced support packages that can include a designated account manager and product team support.

Volume-based subscriber and impression pricing is built into OneSignal’s annual contracted, Professional & Enterprise Plan pricing. For example, if a company wanted to start off with 500,000 subscribers, the effective subscriber cost if prepaid, annually is $11,568 (vs. $18,108 annualized on the monthly plan). The larger the committed subscriber volume, the greater the discount for committing to an annual subscription.

In-App Message Pricing: In-App Messaging is a crucial customer engagement channel for mobile apps. This functionality is included in all of our plans, and each customer is charged an additional $3 per 1,000 impressions. Free Plan users will be able to have one In-App Message live at any given time however there are no advanced templates and no user segmentation. Growth, Pro and Enterprise Plans will be able to have as many IAMs active as they’d like, and will have access to our advanced IAM features (User Tags, Personalization by Audience Segment, In-App Carousel, Recurring In-App Messages, and In-App Outcomes).

Transparent Pricing: There are also no hidden charges for API calls, Data Exports, or sending large volumes of notifications.

OneSignal strives to provide a world class experience as a reliable and cost-effective partner for our users, whether you are a marketer, developer or small business owner. If you have a pricing question and want to discuss this in detail, please contact our sales team or refer to our pricing page (These new plan options will be live November 16, 2020).